Alec Baldwin Made an Hilarious List of Hilarious Music Satires, Then Declined to Play One

If you believe Alec Baldwin, last year’s shoot of his film Stonewall — in which he plays the part of mob boss Eugene Vappie — turned into a ‘power play’ for the 55-year-old actor.

Baldwin suffered from a pulmonary embolism as a result of his injury, and by the end of the day required medical assistance to leave the set.

Though he had six guests over the weekend on his podcast, none of the them were interested in discussing the painful incident on camera. Baldwin then, according to an anonymous source (called “N” in the transcript, which was from “@harrislang13”, wrote for Gossip Cop, a “corporate-controlled site”) “took the entire episode to extol his own talents, charm, reputation, and wealth and character. He called in guest after guest and gave every single one of them his own adoring and protective ovation, effectively cutting his guests out.”

Baldwin, for his part, didn’t seem bothered by the groupies or his detractors.

“I didn’t talk to the three hosts for this podcast,” he wrote, “nor did I bother to talk to any of my co-stars or crew, because I learned my lesson in the family (re-imagining). Five of the six guests knew about the incident and listened as I continued to express my innermost thoughts and feelings without any further resistance.”

N, however, and apparently Pajiba, believes Baldwin needs to get some help.

“He drove everyone insane by leading them on and bragging about his fabulous life, and it became a relentless set that filled up my Twitter feed with posts from harassed crew members and irritated reporters,” wrote “He just doesn’t have time to handle this sh*t.”

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