Teen stopped from getting abortion by prison guards

Catherine Miller, 18, spoke about her decision to have an abortion in an interview with CBS News. The teen was interviewed in a cramped room inside the Supreme Court while the justices were deliberating on a case concerning an abortion-rights clinic in Texas.

From the moment Miller went into the Abortion Center of Valley City, N.D., on Aug. 31, 2017, she was “pushed and shamed” by the clinic’s leadership, she said.

Miller’s abortion provider, a doctor at the clinic, was upset because she did not ask to be taken to the abortion unit in Fargo, where the procedure would be quicker and more efficient. Miller arrived in a minivan, forgoing the four-hour drive to a clinic in Fargo. But she was hungry, she said, so she ate six eggs.

“When I went to ‘the women’s department,’ they told me what I needed to do,” Miller said. “I was kind of laughing about it at first. It’s funny how things have come full circle.”

Miller recalled how when she went into the area, she was instructed to lie down on the ground and spread her legs. “They do like massaging you … then I could tell that they were doing a positive pressure job.”

As Miller said that, anti-abortion protesters inside the Supreme Court shouted “Get out of here, woman!”

As the interview came to a close, the crowd in the hallway outside the Supreme Court chanted, “How many babies did you kill?”

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