Los Angeles police search Marilyn Manson’s home

Written by By Adam McMurray, CNN

This story was originally published by The Guardian.

The home of notorious occult entertainer and metal performer Marilyn Manson has been searched by police in connection with an alleged sexual assault last month.

Members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s sex crimes unit searched the actor Marilyn Manson’s home on September 14 “to ensure that nothing criminal has occurred inside,” a spokeswoman told CNN.

“At this time, there is no criminal complaint alleging sexual assault, and no persons have been arrested,” she said, adding that Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, was cooperating with police.

Investigators had executed a search warrant for the premises, she said.

“After obtaining a search warrant, investigators executed a search warrant for the home on Haverford Boulevard to ensure that nothing criminal has occurred inside,” LAPD Detective Stephanie Ramirez told CNN.

A photo of Marilyn Manson’s former residence posted by the artist himself on his Instagram account shows the famed “White Zombie” artwork inscribed on his door and a chrome-plated eerily smiling sword and spikes on the windowsill, both of which remain on the front door.

The image was shared by Manson on his Instagram account on September 15 in response to questions about the investigation.

“What is up with all the Hollywood ‘sexual assault’ bullshit? Who ever thought it would get this out of hand?” he wrote.

“Hearken back 2 The Real Life Hangman & tell me if I’m the same person,” he continued, quoting the lyric from the song “The Real Life” off his 1996 album “Holy Wood.”

The blog Coast To Coast News speculated that the investigation could relate to the allegation of sexual assault made by a woman, whose name has not been released by police, who said she was visiting Manson on August 30.

The woman, according to The Blast, claimed that she was stopped by one of Manson’s bodyguards and instructed not to leave the home, and was then forced to perform a sex act on the singer in a bathroom.

Manson released a statement to CNN in response to the allegations on September 5, saying that he would cooperate with the authorities.

“I have respect for the law and fully cooperate with law enforcement,” he said. “Any reports or rumors about any legal charges or arrested is a rumor. I want to clear up any misunderstanding, and let people know that I am not and have never been a sexual predator.”

His lawyer, Scott S. Leemon, told CNN on September 11 that there was “nothing factual” to the allegations made by the woman, and said that “Brian is a good person and a kind person” who had just been trying to help the woman, and described the allegations as an attempt to damage the reputation of Manson and his band.

Manson, who emerged in the early 1990s as one of the most provocative performers in the mainstream music scene with his outlandish stage persona and acclaimed music videos, has been linked to a variety of unsavory topics in recent years.

He has denied links to drugs and the sex industry, and has spoken out against underage sex, ex-wife Dita Von Teese, and women who express complaints to police after they are raped.

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