Vice President Joe Biden supports WikiLeaks

There was a *ceasefire* in peace in the press this week until we heard about the “view” of Vice President Joe Biden.

Since Biden has failed to mention the issue of the United States in Mexico on a number of occasions while traveling there, his campaign team and supporters have been demanding that he clarify his stance.

However, one organization that he was specifically referring to in those remarks was Wikileaks.

While Biden has definitely spoken about Mexico on his travels, the group that he was referring to was Wikileaks as he was in an attempt to defend himself in an exchange with Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly.

Here is the story in itself (follow it by checking the news on each of the points above.)

The Vice President has been touring Central America while the White House is negotiating with Mexico about how it will respond to the national security council threat to deport millions of illegal immigrants if Trump follows through on his promises.

Biden said:

“I am not talking about the United States of America I’m talking about a group of countries in Central America. What we’re seeing at Wikileaks is the ongoing operational capability of that group. Here you have a group of people who create havoc all over the world.

But there’s a difference between Wikileaks, with all due respect, and the State Department in North America. You know that President Obama has asked his secretary of state, and he has not been deterred from doing it, to show some leadership up there. And hopefully we’ll have a better partner in Mexico on that issue. But let me be clear to anybody who doubts President Obama’s political nerve, the last thing he’s going to do is allow hundreds of thousands of people to be forcibly removed back to places where they may have no tie. That is not going to happen. That can’t happen.”

Wikileaks has been on the receiving end of a stream of emails from hacked Democratic Party servers released by Wikileaks.

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