Condo-sparring over family homes

First we were told to move to super-efficient, higher-density flats to open the way for condos and office space – now, the estate agent group National Estate Agents is urging us to reserve space in townhouses, too.

But what constitutes “suitable accommodation” for our modern-day condo-loving population? And, crucially, what will our living options be in the next 30 years as new family housing demand outstrips supply?

Several readers agree with National Estate Agents that the good, the bad and the ugly of condominium living merit consideration, but some have their reservations about the practice of condo conversion.

The University of Manchester in England’s wealthiest county put together a report this month titled Living Conditions of Americans: An Estimate of Future State-of-the-Art Housing.

As it turns out, Europe now seems more sustainable for young adults living in modern homes, with Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark at the top of the ranking, and America at the bottom. Apparently, we’re not the happiest bunch when it comes to living amid big houses with no amenities.

Is Britain the winner? Others in this region had ample reason to cheer as they celebrated last week’s Brexit vote and the prospect of escaping EU control of British policy.

Note to publisher: please make sure those demographics aren’t doing the talking.

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