Toronto man charged with voyeurism after model allegedly finds recording device in change room

Noel Potvin, 50, also has charges pending against him relating to voyeurism in a bathroom

Toronto man charged with voyeurism after model allegedly finds recording device in change room

A Toronto man has been charged with voyeurism after a woman allegedly found a recording device in a change room of a Canadian clothing store last week.

Noel Potvin, 50, has been charged with four counts of voyeurism.

The Toronto Star reported that the suspect’s camera was on view on CCTV in the men’s change room at chain store Burlington Coat Factory last Thursday.

The woman noticed something interesting when she went to change and alerted the store manager.

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The store said in a statement on Friday: “At Burlington Coat Factory, our staff has always taken the safety and security of our customers very seriously. That means thoroughly investigating every instance of unwanted interaction and addressing the situation as quickly as possible.

“We take these types of cases very seriously and are actively investigating this incident. All customers who have a concern about their safety can talk with our associates about how to speak to someone else to get support.”

The man was arraigned on Friday, but the charges are still pending.

Three charges were also filed against Potvin last month and his bail conditions included staying away from Burlington Coat Factory.

The footage was live and Potvin was seen taking a photo of the woman who was getting changed and then trying on an outfit.

The woman reported it to Burlington Coat Factory, after which the store’s website said: “All customers can have instant access to out-of-stock items and accessories at any time. Thanks to our EasyChat software, you can search for or purchase your desired item with one click.”

The website also urged all staff to use the site to check if they are over the store’s Code of Conduct by logging in with their name and photo.

This latest incident comes after a series of incidents involving women in different provinces who allege they were sexually harassed or sexually assaulted at work.

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