Man stabbed at intersection in Toronto

A man was stabbed in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday evening and rushed to a hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. An altercation between two young men involving a knife resulted in a stabbing, Toronto Police announced to several Canadian media outlets. The man, who police said is in his early 20s, is expected to recover from his injuries. “Our sincere hope is that he makes a full recovery,” the police said in a statement.

Toronto’s Metropolitan District Police Corporation urged members of the public to “hold an eye out” for any suspicious activity in the downtown neighborhood where the incident took place. Residents in the area took to social media to share images of people trying to help the stabbed man and conduct CPR.

@TUHcPDman they were on the scene treating the victim, one man’s bare foot appeared to be sticking out through a hole in the door, an ambulance was arriving behind him — christy woods (@christyjwoods) December 18, 2018

Others were unable to come forward, and were reaching out to the public to say they had tried to assist the victim. People can be seen lying in the street, attempting to apply pressure to the wounds on the man’s body. One young man with a baby on his shoulders walked alongside the man who had been stabbed as he lay unresponsive on the ground.

However, another account was posted by a bystander. “It was this little boy who saved him,” the witness wrote on Twitter. “He and his Dad and his great big brother grabbed the victim up and then carried him a few blocks away until the ambulance arrived.” The witnesses then gave him CPR while they waited for emergency response.

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