A recent trend in European style: Lesbian love stories for the ‘nice lady’

Norway’s 2018 FIFA World Cup award-winning national team, Sven-Goran Eriksson’s own 1991 World Cup-winning England team, and Dorothy, Dorothy the Magnificent from Oz — the three have not only all been recreated as women, but are now in a lesbian relationship. That’s the sort of news European lifestyle magazine MoveSüd created for the August issue. The cover story is titled “From Porta-Vita to Porta-Vogue,” after the popular Italian digest food magazine.

Although MoveSüd is currently available in Polish, German, and English, for its recent issue it aimed at the European market, used the voice of the woman once known as the first popular comic who finally came out in 1952, including the print run of 1,600 to celebrate the important event — but the gender mixing effort was also packaged with a political agenda — to also share “the beautiful girl from Polish Street” and “An Oyster” (a German term for gossip) with its readers.

Makes you want to climb into bed with a close relative.

But where moving away from the traditional boundaries of women and men, we are calling on all Europeans of all cultures and backgrounds, regardless of sexual orientation, to unite in solidarity and send a powerful message to the world that the LGBTIQ+ community is here to stay, and will not be shut down.

A biennial LGBTIQ+ pride marches in Brussels is a useful way to ensure inclusion. A large segment of the LGBTIQ+ population is nowhere near the Gay Pride march that takes place in Brussels.

You might find this interesting, especially if you prefer Big Love with your Bruno Mars. Get in your red wine, read up, and share it with friends and family.

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