Woman found dead in a Cancun hotel room was Chicago-area college student

A Chicago-area woman died while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. The Chicago Tribune reports a man who rented a room to her is now under arrest.

That woman, Daria Kajouji, 21, had been at the casino, Galeria Zumbado, in Cancun. There she bumped into her boyfriend, Michael Spencer, on Sunday. He took her to a hotel room, which he had reserved for her. When she arrived, he told her to unpack, and she did. Then, she fell out of the hotel room — a fact his ex-girlfriend, Shannon Gugino, found on the bed when she entered on Monday.

Kajouji had been visiting Spencer for a week. They had met about three months ago through a mutual friend at a bar. Gugino told the Chicago Tribune she would meet Spencer on a weekly basis for tea at 7:00 p.m. so that they could talk about Gugino’s upcoming marriage. On Sunday, around 10:20 p.m., Kajouji was found dead in the hotel room.

The couple, Gugino added, had planned to go to Mexico together on Sunday evening. When they arrived, Kajouji asked Spencer if he wanted her to stay in the hotel, so that she could watch him play a basketball game while he partied. But Spencer said he didn’t. According to Gugino, they then drove back to Cancun, and Kajouji decided to go to the casino.

The boyfriend and Kajouji had been vacationing for about a week. She had fallen unconscious in the hotel room. It took about 10 hours to find her in the hotel room. When Gugino arrived, she told authorities she had seen Kajouji in a hallway in the early hours of Monday morning, but didn’t call authorities until Monday.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez, the attorney representing Spencer, told the Tribune he didn’t have any immediate comment.

The cause of death is still being investigated. The death is the second reported in Cancun this month.

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