Special Olympics Gets Rewarding Eating Experience

With the Special Olympics swimming championships underway in Virginia Beach, a PR company has launched a novel menu to help U.S. national and international athletes eat their way to victory.

WeWork, which helps employees lead productive lives by leasing office space to workers, helped launch an initiative called WeMadeOlympics, which encourages anyone to cook, decorate and get together to compete, with free food and festivities.

“While it was really important to make [the menu] accessible to everyone, the athletes deserve special attention and a safe space to relax in before the Games,” said chef Melissa Jennings, head chef of WeWork’s “Lightings” section.

After selecting their recipes, athletes and fans will be able to “cook them live on their own Olympic-themed “republic,” Jennings said.

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McDonald’s has signed on as an official sponsor, serving up meals at the all-day “beach” party.

“Who wouldn’t want to step into the lifestyle of Olympic athletes?” said Deborah Moloney, M.D., National Sports Medicine Director for the Special Olympics.

For information on how to get involved, visit the wemadeolympics.com/events/we-made-olympics.

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