Paris police shoot armed man ‘dressed as a ninja’

An armed man dressed as a ninja has been shot by police in Paris following an incident that began with the theft of a police car, but ended with the man being chased and pursued by several officers before he was shot.

A spokesman for Paris police said the incident began when an armed man entered a police car that had just arrived at a street corner in northern Paris.

“The suspect entered the car with a police officer inside. The man pulled out a knife and demanded the officer to drive. The driver took off for an apartment block. When they reached the building, the suspect fled on foot,” the spokesman said.

Witnesses told BFM television that a second vehicle had been stopped nearby, and police officers were chasing a man who was dressed in black, had a mask and was carrying a samurai sword.

At least two officers fired shots at the attacker, who was taken to hospital for treatment, police said. The incident unfolded in the Rue des Companions in the Elgin district of the capital.

A police spokesman said: “The suspect, who was wearing an outfit that resembled a ninja, attacked police officers and one was in need of emergency treatment after being shot.”

The man was taken to hospital with injuries to his leg and shoulder. No other injuries were reported.

A police source said the suspect was armed with a Samurai sword and that reports of a second vehicle were untrue.

The prosecutor Jean-Michel Gentil said there had been no arrests as of early evening.

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