Jonathon Adler responds to suggestion that Joe Biden’s campaign for the presidency is in jeopardy

Jonathon Adler, the digital director of The Daily Show, responded to a New York Times tweet on Thursday that asserted a Democratic political insider had told the newspaper the following: “The consensus in the party, according to a highly informed source, is that Biden will participate in the back-channel discussions with Trump’s advisers.”

Adler, in an email sent Thursday, tweeted, “Interesting! [Chris] Cuomo’s joining Bill [Nye] for a field trip of Betsy DeVos’ private school. He’s #admizing the elitist booster shot.”

Adler then tweeted, in a second response: “[Bill] Nye will defend #Biden’s agenda & fight back the MSNBC left’s #fightingfallacy. Their groupthink like.”

“Chris Cuomo is wildly delusional for thinking he can do better at MTP — dismissing @ABC at a network desperate for ratings = John McCain #ThisWeek” he continued.

John McCain received so much praise for his performance in the 2012 election he even declared to a room full of disenchanted Americans in Colorado that “Finally, an American politician who even inspires irrational praise.”

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, tweeted that it was “so mad at @billybigtron” for “voting for Trump in 2016, plus immigration!”

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