5 apartments that would make a great home for Justin Bieber or Drake

Imagine the riches that come with owning a beautiful modern semi-detached home under $350,000.

Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, is one of the more affordable places to buy a home, compared to more expensive cities in the U.S. And they aren’t making it more expensive for Americans to live in.

The Hamilton housing market had the fastest sales growth rate out of metro Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, and Winnipeg in the last 12 months. Home prices there are also much lower than in other big cities in Canada like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Toronto, allowing those looking to buy a home a great price and a lot of space.

So what are some of the other real estate opportunities in Hamilton?

The suburb is home to the headquarters of car maker Chrysler Group. The city also hosts some of Canada’s main political parties, all of which have headquarters there. The Canadian Space Agency is also based in Hamilton.

Some of the most desirable properties in the city are in older neighborhoods that are seeing lots of construction and renovations. They include the Chateau De Gouverneur, the corner of Kentucky and Mill streets, and the Chateau Pharr, a three-storey Dutch-style bungalow that is currently on the market for $299,900.

Here are a few of the best homes currently available in Hamilton.

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